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GAR-GAR Festival in Penelles

Gar-Gar Festival

Town of Penelles, Spain
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Open call for artists, graffiti artists, muralists, illustrators and painters.

Gargar Festival is open to individual and collective participants.


The main theme is Rural World. Life in the countryside, agriculture, flora, fauna, environment…

The festival will take place during 4th, 5th and 6th May 2018. Artists can start preparations before the beginning of the festival, from 2nd May (to be agreed upon by the organisers).

Artists must provide a sketch of the work in jpg/pdf format through the registration form + samples of previous works. Links to webs, FB or INST may also be attached.

If there are more enrolled artists than available walls, a committee formed by organisers + town council + town representatives will select guest artists. 

Works must be politically and ideologically neutral.

Artists accept transfer of image rights of their works for the promotion of the festival.

Gargar will provide the required materials and permissions, after discussing with the artist.

The selected artists will present a short description of their work and career to complement a guided tour which will take place after the festival.

After selecting the guest artists, they will be contacted by the organisers to resolve queries and discuss the required materials. If attendance is not possible, this can be done via Skype.



–  Travel expenses + accommodation + materials + expenses + promotion + gift bag