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Home Residence Staircase Wall / Ceiling

Lisa G

Highams Park, London
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I have a staircase and ceiling that i would love to get painted by an artist. Although a big fan of graffiti I would prefer a more illustrative landscape design to match my personality. I do have some ideas but I’m also open to any designs an artist may present me. I’d even be open to having the actual stairs painted as long as it fits the energy of the space. Its the first thing we see as we enter my residence so it must be something long-lasting and unique to my space. This will be the first time I commission an artist to paint any walls for me, I wanted to break the age-old trend of purchasing something mass produced. I don’t have much in terms of budget but was hoping to find any artist that needed to fill a space and perhaps use the finished images for their portfolio.

My budget is £300 excluding Paint

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