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Open Call for International Artists

Nomadic Community Gardens

Shoreditch, London
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Grey Wall 

Grey (Great) Wall- Opposite the world famous Nomadic Community Gardens Shoreditch is a smooth 100m long wall owned by Transport for London (TFL). In collaboration with the Nomadic Community Gardens Team, TFL have agreed to allow the gardens to curate and manage this beautiful space for selected artists to paint whole sections or the entire 100m.  


The wall was recently covered in graffiti from a recent event at the gardens know as Meeting of Styles UK (Thanks to Jimmy Vision & Matilda). This was the first time since we opened the gardens that TFL allowed us to paint this space. Now that we have permission to properly curate the wall, we plan on allowing certain artists to grace the space. 


This isn’t a free space, in terms of anyone painting here, all artists must apply to the Nomadic Community Gardens Team before any paint splashes onto walls. We then submit the finished artwork to TFL who will then monitor the wall to ensure the artwork matches their database. If it doesn’t then London Transport Police may well pursue those involved. This is completely out of our hands and we cannot reverse their actions for this particular wall. 

Artists must bring their own paint but we do have ladders and basic equipment for artists to reach the highest sections of the wall. The gardens are one of the goto spots in Brick Lane and Shoreditch, some of the best street artists and graffiti writers have painted here. We’re really looking forward to working with international artists and it won’t be long before this wall is splashed across social media.

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